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Wedding Fireworks Display Image 01

Wedding Fireworks 

Bring a special day to a magical close. As the entertainment for the evening comes to an end the night sky is lit up with a rainbow of colours,even colour coordinated to any theme. 
We will visit your chosen venue and,in consultation with yourselves,design and create an individual display just for you, using either indoor or outdoor effects or both. 
We can arrange for the bride and groom to fire the first salvo in complete safety, for the initials of the happy couple to burn around a heart or even for any message you wish to be written in fire. 
Birthday Fireworks Display Image 01

Birthday Fireworks 

Celebrating a birthday is something special, now you can make it extra special with a firework display designed just for you. 
Feel like royalty as we fire off an "XX" gun salute to signify your age. See your age written in fire (better than candles any day) 
Anniversary Fireworks Display Image 01


Anniversaries can be a magical time. Now you can make them extra special with a firework display designed just for you. Feel like royalty as we fire off an "XX" gun salute to signify the anniversary. See the date or time written in fire. Major anniversaries can even be colour co-ordinated. 
Fetes and Gala Firework Displays Image

Fetes and Galas 

No community fete or gala is complete without a fireworks display to bring the procedures to a close. It acts as a focal point to ensure the majority of our audience remain until the end instead of people drifting away individually. It is also a way of thanking the crowd for attending, or for giving back a little something to the traders and exhibitors who have worked so hard to make your event a success. 
Corporate Fireworks Display Image 01

Product Launches 

When your new product is launched in fireworks the image is intensified in the minds of the audience. This means your message is remembered longer so increasing initial sales. The old adage of "sell the sizzle not the sausage" has never been truer than it is today. 
We create the sizzle for you like no other medium can. 
Corporate Fireworks Display Image 02

Corporate Events 

Whatever the reason for your event, be it a sales conference, a hospitality event, a training day, a customer thank you or indeed any other type of event you can imagine, it will be enhanced by fireworks. 
Just picture a sales team or salesperson whose sales figures are written in fire, or how about a novel way to announce your salesperson of the year or even a special night to thank your best customers. 
Whatever event you are planning, a fireworks display will add to it. 
Fundraising Fireworks Display Image 01


Everybody loves a firework display, from the young to the very old. 
Jumble sales and cake stalls have their place but if you want to raise serious money then a firework display is the best way to do it. 
Our experience in this area is unsurpassed, our involvement in local charities has raised over £50,000 in 5 years. 
Sports Event Fireworks Display Image 01

Sporting Events 

The excitement of any sporting event is magnified 100 times when your team runs out to a noisy firework display or exploding mines signify another goal.The increasingly popular presentation of squad numbers can be enhanced by a salute to signify the shirt number. 
Presentation Fireworks Display Image 01

Presentation Nights 

Imagine the scene, the presentation evening is heading to a climax. The Master of Ceremonies has the microphone. "and now ladies and gentlemen it is time to anounce our .....person of the year. This years winner is.....". As the winners name is announced the sky explodes into a miriad of colours. Who doesn't think the prize winner will remember this moment? 
Exhibition Firework Display Image 01

Exhibition Fireworks 

What better way to open or close an exhibition than with a fantastic Pops 'n' Bangs exhibition fireworks display? 
Fire writing, specific colours, long or short displays - we can cater to any requirement and any budget 
Event Fireworks Display Image 01

Other Events 

Contact us today to see if we can help with your event, even one that we have not listed. 
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